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Awesome Frontend Developer


Location: Remote
Work type: Full Time, Part Time, Project
Work site: Remote
Compensation: $50-125 per hour

Opportunity Description

Exciting opportunity to join a growing, financed startup and build a DeFi protocol that will change the world!

We are looking for fulltime and part time remote roles.


Fractal is comprised of a smart, motived and hilariously funny (our opinion) team.

Fractal is decentralizing its current, successful centralized business model. Today, Fractal is one of the largest market makers in DeFi, which means we provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges. We act as market-makers as a service provider to DEXs and top-tier token projects who need to establish a foundation of liquidity to enable organic growth of their ecosystems.

More information on what decentralizing our market-making business looks like to be shared with our candidates! It’s big, it’s powerful and it will serve a foundation of liquidity for DeFi’s unlimited potential.

We are building in stealth and you will not find information online.

The role

Compensation can include tokens in the protocol.

The role of DeFi Frontend Developer is a strategic hire. You will serve as a core contributor in the architecture, coding, testing, release and update of a fronted on top of a protocol powering DeFi’s growth. You will work closely with team members across all areas of the business.

About you

  • You are a DeFi enthusiast with frontend and Ethereum experience.
  • You have a working knowledge of DEXes / AMMs, yield optimization protocols and money markets.
  • You are hard-working, diligent and ambitious. Bonus for a sense of humor!
  • You have fantastic communication skills.
  • You are excited to bring DeFi to the world. 

Application Instructions

Please send an email to info@fractalwealth.com